Friday, November 18, 2005

Flickr Fun

I ♥ Flickr. I've already uploaded a month's worth of photos if I do them one a day and am not even halfway to my monthly quota, so this should work fine. Once I get my charge card paid off from the miniatures show a couple of weeks ago, as in January, I'll probably upgrade to a paid account. Flickr is easy to use, once I stopped trying to figure it out and read the FAQs, and is very versatile. A paid account will get me unlimited sets, as opposed to 3, so I can group my NYC photos, my nature photos, my sunset photos, etc.

I'm contemplating the two comments I've gotten so far on the header and mulling over possible changes. B seems to have an edge. I will also go back through my photos of tops of buildings here in NYC to see if there's anything better, or maybe, as I left in an answer to one of the comments, maybe put together a few squares of photos in a row. I'm likely to go with something temporary til I make something I really like, or perhaps will rotate headers. The possibilities are endless here, and I'm happy AOL finally pushed me into moving this blog here. I'd been thinking about it but until the ad blitz, I'd been satisfied with dithering about it.