Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The photos on this blog are primarily taken in New York City, primarily Manhattan and Queens, with occasional photos from my vacations elsewhere.

I am a midle-aged public librarian and part-time writer who loves to blog and fiddle with templates. In addition, I've gotten hooked by making graphics in Photoshop, mostly with my photos as a starting point.

I also do craftwork, mainly decoupage, collect dollhouse miniatures, and, of course, take photos I enjoy sharing. I occasionally post my photos on some of my other blogs, as appropriate.

The Guide to My Blogs is a good place to start if you'd like to see what else I do, from reviewing books and comic books to posting occasional links about Mars. I'm a big science fiction fan, but enjoy suspense novels and literary fiction, as well as some mysteries and historical novels. I love comedy and I'm an action/adventure fan. My favorite TV show, if I can bring myself to actually name a favorite, is The Man from UNCLE. My interests are varied, however, so with luck, you'll find something enjoyable on one of my many blogs.