Saturday, December 24, 2005

Matyrushka Dolls

Matyrushka Dolls, originally uploaded by ShellyS.

Finishing off the last batch of photos here so I can get to the ones I took today in midtown of holiday decorations. Night shots would've been more festive, with the lights shining brightly, but this is the best I can manage so far.

The weather was nice, really nice. Probably close to 60 degrees F. Which meant large crowds, even more than I was expecting. I couldn't get to the Lord & Taylor windows, but I did get a couple over at Bloomingdale's, complete with reflections. I can't upload to see how they look yet, because the batteries have to be recharged. I now know I need a third battery. I used up both I have right after shooting at the Rockefeller Center skating rink.

I should be able to get some of those shots up later today and tomorrow.