Tuesday, December 27, 2005


dec2005 013, originally uploaded by ShellyS.

On E. 57th St. Well, at Fifth Avenue. Hard to see in this shot (there's at least one better, to come), but there's a giant, hanging snowflake for the holiday season. It's lit at night.

There are a lot of fun social networking services and I just don't get into them. I got addicted to blogging, true, but del.icio.us and the like do nothing for me. I try them, and immediately lose interest.

But flickr? Wow. I'm hooked. Just to click "Explore" and see the week's "interesting" photos is addicting. And from there, I find wonderful photographers to add to my flickr contacts and some even add me back. Coolness.

I've noticed my count here is a bit low and I half about half the Bloglines readers as the AOL version of this had, plus of course, I don't have the AOLers who used alerts for my old photojournal. I hope folks are enjoying my photos, but commenting is down here from the AOL photoblog, too.

And yet, I don't mind much because of flickr. I can see how many times my photos have been viewed, individually, and folks can comment if they want (not much of that, but still...)

It's not just a photohosting service. It really is a photosharing community. And I love that I can tag my photos, put them in sets (multiple sets if I want), and add descriptions. I can view individually or the sets as slide shows.

And there's a free and a paid service. If you're still looking for a photohost, you should give it a look.