Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Posting Problem

For some reason, flickr couldn't connect to Blogger and suggested I remove Blogger and re-add it. I figured it might be because I changed my password for my Google account, so I did as suggested and now flickr can't connect to Blogger, which means I can't do quick posts, anymore. Today, I copied the html from flickr into the post html box, which is rather tedious. I could upload directly, but it's easier finding photos I took days ago on flickr than in my computer's fairly unorganized photo gallery. And when I checked the blog, only the title showed and you have to click that to see the photo in this dynamic views blog. I don't want to change back to a static template, so I deleted the post and will attempt it again by uploading directly into the post, if I can locate the photo on my computer.

I'm going to have to decide on how to best post here quickly. I'm not happy about this, at all.

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